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NOTE: Synfig now uses git

Build instructions has instructions for checking the source code out of subversion in 3 separate projects, but what if you want a single project?

The easy way is to download the tarball mentioned on the Source code page. Extract it, and it creates a subversion working directory called 'synfig' which contains ETL, synfig-core and synfig-studio. 'cd' into it and run 'svn up' to update it to the latest version.

Here's how I achieved it. The following steps will create a new directory called 'code' in the current directory, and put everything inside there. It's quite long, because I reproduce a bit of the output. If you just want to see the commands, just to the 'Summary' at the bottom of this page.

Run this 'co' command. As soon as you see some output, hit control-c to stop it:

/tmp$ svn co
A    synfig/ETL
A    synfig/ETL/releases
A    synfig/ETL/trunk
  C-c svn: Caught signal

Notice that subversion was putting all the ETL files inside synfig/ETL/trunk. We don't want the 'trunk' directory, or any other tags or branches, so we use 'switch' to tell it that. Let the command complete:

/tmp$ svn switch synfig/ETL/
D    synfig/ETL/releases
D    synfig/ETL/trunk
A    synfig/ETL/ETL.pbproj
A    synfig/ETL/ETL.prj
 U   synfig/ETL
Updated to revision 440.

Then issue the 'update' command, and again interrupt it when it starts pulling in files:

/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/synfig-studio
A    synfig/synfig-studio/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-studio/trunk/
  C-c svn: Caught signal

Again, use 'switch' to tell svn we only want the trunk:

/tmp$ svn switch synfig/synfig-studio/
D    synfig/synfig-studio/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-studio/
A    synfig/synfig-studio/bootstrap
 U   synfig/synfig-studio/
Updated to revision 440.

And repeat again for synfig-core:

/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/synfig-core
A    synfig/synfig-core/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-core/trunk/synfig-core.xcodeproj
  C-c svn: Caught signal

Use switch to select only synfig-core's trunk:

/tmp$ svn switch synfig/synfig-core/
D    synfig/synfig-core/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-core/synfig-core.xcodeproj
A    synfig/synfig-core/examples/candy.sif
 U   synfig/synfig-core
Updated to revision 440.

Supposing there are some subdirectories which you don't want at all. For example, the next up is synfig-docs. Use control-c again to interrupt the update as soon as it gets started:

/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/synfig-docs
A    synfig/synfig-docs/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-docs/trunk/en
  C-c svn: Caught signal

Instead of switching to the trunk, this time we'll switch to 'synfig/empty', which is an empty directory. This will result in the whole of the synfig-docs/ being ignored:

/tmp$ svn switch synfig/synfig-docs/

D    synfig/synfig-docs/trunk
Updated to revision 440.

Proceed in the same manner for the remaining directories. I didn't want either of the OSX trees, so I switched those to 'empty' too:

/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/gtkmm-osx
A    synfig/gtkmm-osx/trunk
A    synfig/gtkmm-osx/trunk/gtkmm-meta.mpkg
  C-c svn: Caught signal
/tmp$ svn switch synfig/gtkmm-osx/
D    synfig/gtkmm-osx/trunk
Updated to revision 440.
/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/synfig-osx
A    synfig/synfig-osx/trunk
A    synfig/synfig-osx/trunk/launcher
  C-c svn: Caught signal
/tmp$ svn switch synfig/synfig-osx/
D    synfig/synfig-osx/trunk
Updated to revision 440.
/tmp$ svn update code
A    synfig/autobuild
A    synfig/autobuild/trunk
A    synfig/autobuild/trunk/Makefile
A    synfig/empty
Updated to revision 440.

Finally, we're finished. 'du' shows us that only ETL, core, and studio have a significant amount of content:

/tmp$ du -sk synfig/*
44	synfig/autobuild
16	synfig/empty
3604	synfig/ETL
16	synfig/gtkmm-osx
95628	synfig/synfig-core
16	synfig/synfig-docs
16	synfig/synfig-osx
15420	synfig/synfig-studio


$ svn co
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/ETL/
$ svn update code
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/synfig-studio/
$ svn update code
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/synfig-core/
$ svn update code
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/synfig-docs/
$ svn update code
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/gtkmm-osx/
$ svn update code
hit Control-C when output begins
$ svn switch synfig/synfig-osx/
$ svn update code