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Thanks for looking at this tutorial. Feel free to improve it in any way. --Work in progress--

I'd suggest to make this tutorial a new section in the page of fire tutorial... that details your settings, along with 1-2 screenshot and a video of the result. I don't see much added value in explaining once again all steps (because the technique remains the same) but am really interested in you showing that Rain effect is possible, and realistic.

That way, any other application of the same technique (for making a river, a waterfall, moving cloulds, leaves, grass or mud...) could be shortly explained in the same way... without re-explaining everything from scratch.

(besides, making a whole new tutorial needs translation effort as well... one more reason to try to be efficient in the content of this wiki)... but it's only my point of view, feel free to disagree!--Berteh 15:17, 28 May 2010 (UTC)