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Requested Tutorials

  • Full Animation tutorials e.g cartoons about 5 min inculding turning there faces explaning every thing about it, walking, talking, adding sound,adding voice etc please i know it will take very much time but pleasesssssss we all wana learn synfig. Synfig is the Best!!!!!
  • Explanation of the difference between waypoints and keyframes. (Meanwhile someone writes this requested tutorial you can have a look to keyframes and waypoints pages).
  • Making a ball bounce- tutorial
  • How to rotate objects.(done in Categorical Help> Synfig Studio Interface> The ToolBox> Rotate Tool)
  • Make an object to follow a path given by a mathematical function Parabolic Shot. This is applicable to ball-bounce-tutorial (unfinished).
  • How to change the location of a shape's pivot point. Or a cut-out animation tutorial. (I think I worked it out, making the rotation by rotation layers. Kinda weird, but actually it is there.)

Languages Language: 

English • español