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 This project is abandoned, but feel free to get in contact if you want to restart it. :)

What is it?

This uses an XSLT 2.0 stylesheet to transform Synfig XML to SVG XML.


Turn an Synfig animation into a SVG file for export.


  1. Be sure that you have an XSLT processor (xsltproc, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Download sif2svg.xsl

Transforming a Synfig file into a SVG

Enter the following command (replace your_output.svg by the path of the SVG file):

xsltproc sif2svg.xsl your_input.sif > your_output.svg


If the conversion has been successful, the result will be written to the file your_input.svg, in the current folder. You can open this file in Inkscape, or Firefox, or Whatever.


  • Compressed Synfig files (sifz) must be gunzipped first.
  • All sif elements aren’t supported, so it may have a lot of glitchs.

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