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new doc

I would recommend to remove this page for the manual. The statements are very technical and would confuse the average user.

Let's put that into a chapter for geeks.

If we talk about features at this point we need to bring in more user oriented, general stuff like:

- easy to use 
- easy to learn (first animation in 60 seconds)
- coming with tutorials (xx tutorials for free)
- running on .... (win and lin)
- using very little resources (need a pc with at least xx, yy)
- even kids could use it
- free and open source
- cool stuff
- well organized tool box
- one tool for these activities: ...

That kind of things. We are at the beginning of the doc, so this chapter should make people interested in what they can do with synfig from an end-user point of view. Make them enthusiastic about startign to learn Synfig...

What do you think? --Ohoservices 23:03, 13 April 2010 (UTC)