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The "Timebar" is the area above the Time Track Panel, the Graphs Panel and optionally at the bottom of the Canvas Window.

In the Timebar you could find informations about :

  • "Project duration" : as a frame ruler.
  • "Current Time" : The horizontal orange/blue line. You can click and drag within it to scrub your timeline.
  • Keyframes : Their time, activation state and the selected one (not in the Graphs Panel's Timebar).


To change the scale of the Timeline put your mousepointer over the grey frame ruler and use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

The Timebar at the bottom of the Canvas Window is optionally displayed by toggling the Time track icon.png button at bottom left of the Canvas window.

Good to know : Timeline visibility

The timeline at the bottom of the Canvas Window will not appear when you have defined zero duration in the Canvas Properties Dialog.
note end

Keyframes in the Timebar

Three keyframes with three different states : Normal, Selected and Deactivated

You can adjust the Time of a keyframe by a normal drag and drop. To adjust it's Length, hold Alt key when releasing the mouse button.

During a keyframe drag and drop operation a tooltip indicator will be displayed with some time informations.

Right click over a keyframe or in upper part of the "Timebar" open the keyframe contextual menu giving access to the keyframes actions.

Languages Language: 

English • čeština • français