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The Toolbox File Menu has the following options:

  • New (CtrlN): Create a new file. Its default name is Synfig Animation # where # starts from 1 and increases by 1 for each new file you create in a Synfigstudio session. It starts editing the "Root" canvas.
  • Open (CtrlO): Pops up a choose file dialog to select the sifz file you want to open.
  • Open Recent: It gives a dynamic menu list with the last 25 (maximum) recent opened (or created) files.
  • Save All: Pops up a save file dialog to save all files with a given name, if not saved before, otherwise it just saves all open animation files quietly.
  • Close (CtrlW): Close the current document in edition. It would ask for save it if the document is marked as "dirty".
  • Panels: It gives a sub menu with the following entries:
  • Input Devices...: It pops up an input device dialog window to modify your preferences with those devices. If there isn't any device connected it brings an information window.
  • Setup...: It pops up a Setup Dialog Window where the user can establish the preferences for the program, such as measure units, preferred external browser etc.
  • Reset to default Setup values: It resets all the preferences for the program to their defaults quietly.
  • Quit (CtrlQ): It quits Synfigstudio. If there is any "dirty" file it asks for save.

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