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Just another animation hobbyist who want to contribute to synfig.

Genete.gif Always walking...


  • Particles
    • Update Particles template with the new convert types.
    • Create a good wiki page for particles
    • Create a video tutorial for particles usage.
    • Create some custom particles (smoke, rain, fountain, explosion, waterfall, etc.)
  • Animation Basics video tutorial.
  • noise outlines/fills tutorial.
  • Mirror layer (let's rescue it!)
  • Gradient Blur layer.
  • Zoom independent thicknesses.
    • Imagine a line which is always rendering with 1px width independently from zoom level. ~_^ --Zelgadis 11:10, 23 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Update wiki with my own code changes. (always in TODO)
  • Bone Layer wiki page and refine concepts.
  • Review Spanish translation. Squared is translated as "Proportional" instead of "Cuadrado"
  • Add featured users/companies list to the website: morenva, rylanderanimation, ricolandia/quadro-chave... and more
  • Collect the good feature requests from the forum. List them here.
  • Think on a good layout for the single window format.
  • Add Encapsulate option in the BLine, Circle, Star, etc. tools.
  • Text to path feature request.
  • The only things is that Synfig doesn't memorize the settled options with last save. (canvas zoom, quality, pixel size, ...)
  • To facilitate what is the circle on the selected point, perhaps it would be useful to highlight the corresponding circle even with the same color of the selected point (for widths). High light the origin too or make it blink or something more visible.


  • Fix Mostrar -> Renderizar and Objetivo ->Formato. Gradiente from State too.. Done
  • Finish Follow a Bline video tutorial. Done
  • Finish april challenge. Not finished :/
  • Translate new words in synfig and studio. Check it with Yaco. Done
  • Think on "Done with Synfig" logo/icon or what ever can be.
  • Bend layer. Like gradient but only for deformation what's below. Curve Warp Layer -->Thanks to dooglus for believe on this!
  • layer_motionblur Included new parameters in 0.62.03
  • Fix donate page in the wiki.>/strike>
  • <strike>Restart enhanced outline code. Think on another better way to achieve it.
  • Fix Help entries in Synfig Studio to point to the correct wiki pages