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I am the ideas man, often I don't hve the opportunity and 5 or ten years later my ideas are taken up by some corporation or other although knowing this I have stopped expressing some ideas that are yet to coe out simply bridging current tech and integrating. I am a system analyst and network consultant ion paper but have been an avid computer enthusiast since 1982 and the commodore Vic 20 when I was the person who used that Vic 20 and 2 black and white TV's to create stereo TV 5 yer before it came out mysteriously after my brother who was working for Panasonic at time as an electronics engineer. I have a gift of thinkin outside the box and am frustrated I do not have the resources to make some of my ideas financial. Now on the disability pension I have nowhere else to turn to earn and but need some people to help with the hard yards, I am the Ideas man, the system creator, loophole finder , the imagineer. I have an avid craving to learn all sides of intelligent artificial nueral networks and since childhood have dreamt of creating the first conscious artificial intelligent system that not only learns itself into it's own unique personality but knws it is unique and alive in some nuerally pathed way.I admit I am to blame for many of Google;s AI systems dreams and dream very similar images lol. I know it sounds crazy to many but it is a fine line between crazy and brilliant and I am not crazy hehe, maybe a little nutty but hey that's the price I pay for the gifts I am dealt nd there is method to madness so at least I am Brilliantly mad methodically ahahaha add me if you want to hear ideas way ahead of what you know to currently exist but the tech IS actually here. II have a dream