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This page is for people that want to share some animation ideas. Post a short description of your ideas/storyboards here, it may inspire some Synfig artists that momentarily lost the wind of inspiration :)

Let's start with a example :

"The new furniture":

This animation is supposed to work without spoken dialogs, maybe only some "blablabla"-sounds from the characters. I really hope it's not too long and too complex for an animation :/

Scene 1: A woman pass by a furniture shop, and see some bookcase (or any other piece of furniture). The shape of the bookcase is rather unusual - a kind of "modern art" thing. She likes it a lot (sparkles in her eyes?) Alas the price is hight (she frowns at the price tag).

Scene 2: Back at home, she tells her husband about the bookcase (maybe a balloon over her head like in comic strip, with the bookcase). The huspand points a finger at his chest with a big smile (meaning "I could build it for you, so it won't be that expensive")

Scene 3: A view from the outside of the house, with some hammer sound.

Scene 4: In the house, the man (with a big smile) shows the bookcase he built to his wife. The bookcase doesn't look good (skewed boards or nails).

Scene 5: The hand-build bookcase is now outside the house, for the garbage disposal.

Scene 6: The woman pass by the same furniture store as in scene1. View of her face: she open wide her eyes. View of the store: The bookcase built by her husband is now on the store-window, with a price even higher than the bookcase she liked.

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