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Future events

Some synfig related events:

  • CoLCIT 2008: October 31th 2008 in Totoras, Argentina
    • Yaco will do a talk called "Animation with Free Software"
  • [1]: 19th - 24th January 2009 in Hobart, Australia
    • PaulWise will attend, might do a lightning talk about Synfig
  • Libre Graphics Meeting: June 2009
  • GUADEC and Akademy 2009: 3rd - 11th July 2009 in the Canary Islands
  • DebConf9: 16th - 31st July 2009 in Extremadura, Spain

Attendees should consider doing lightning or other talks about synfig and or making a report about synfig-related activities at the conferences.

Past events

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