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Screen shots for the documentation should be done in a specific way.


  • Use "Clearlooks" with "Tango" icons for the screenshots (Windows/Mac users use "blue-ish" styles, please)
  • Use default clear synfig theme
  • Png format only
  • High quality at canvas: "Low Res" checkbox is off, "Quality" is set to 1
  • Let's do smart screenshots! A group panel screenshot with no groups in it is meaningless!
  • Do not make image bigger than something like 1000px wide.

partial vs. full window

  • Do not use windows decoration / GUI items if they are not needed.
  • Usage of post production tools (blur the non subject areas of the screenshot, text annotations etc.) are welcome.

appearence in text

  • Images should be shown in full size when possible. Only if the image takes too much space it might be thumbnailed.
  • Position: Right align for images if they are near the text - that way they do not interrupt text flow. Center images for "standalone" ones.


  • Uploaded images should have a proper name.
  • Use generic file notation : image_file_name_current.png. Example File:Render_settings_Dialog_current.png ‎used in Render_dialog (to take advantage of the upgrade image system)
  • Images have to be categorized to be found easily.

samples / sifz source

  • When creating sample files showing the effects of the layer's parameter modifications a sifz file must be provided to make sure the same figure can be rendered again if the window decoration or GUI layout is significantly different.
  • Use a meaningful name for the sifz file, if possible use the image file name just with .sifz instead of .png (see above).

wikimedia specific usage

Another advice when you update the screenshots :

You can bust old wiki syntax {{ }}, have more control on positioning the image and give some visual unity of the image by adding a border (frame)

Example : [[Image:Bounding-box_0.63.06.png|frame|left]] instead of {{l|Image:Bounding-box.png}}

Sometime you will need to use the 'none' placement in place of {center|right|left}, more infos at wikimedia/doc/images


We are currently discussing this at the Forum [1].

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