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  • synfig is the command to invoke the renderer. It should be written in lowercase and if appearing in the wiki it should use some special font only used for commands from the console.
  • synfigstudio is the command used to invoke the GUI. Same comments as for synfig.
  • Synfig Project is the name of the project that sums: software, packaging, documentation, website, etc.
  • Synfig is the general name used to refer to the program used in any article or in the documentation when it doesn't refer specifically to synfig or synfigstudio.
  • Synfig Studio is the name that should be used when referring to the GUI in an article or in the documentation.


The name Synfig Animation Studio should be removed and one of the names above should be used.

Forums, wiki, website, sourceforge, etc. should use the above rules from now on.

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