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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

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  • dyloxin, our lovable irc logger bot, is down. darco tried to feed it some more trees, but he couldn't coax it back to life yet.
  • dooglus got SVN access and is crushing bugs like a madman! lots of crashes and a rendering artifact are fixed in SVN
  • I got mod_libavcodec building again, but it crashes when you try to use it
  • madsen tried building synfig under fink and is working towards an app bundle for OSX
  • darco made a couple of commits to get closer to OSX support
  • bunch of win32 fixes by Atrus. Latest unofficial Win32 version is up to SVN 264. Uninstall is a bit broken ATM though.
  • disabled studio tools (polygon, draw, sketch, width) can be re-enabled using Environment Variables. The variables are named like SYNFIG_ENABLE combined with an underscore and the uppercased name of the tool.
  • dooglus made bline looping work much better
  • dooglus added tooltips to the preview window buttons
  • I learned some GTKmm and made a nicer "feature not implemented" dialog :)
  • pxegeek created a new gallery page on the wiki for users to link to their animations.
  • I added links to google/youtube synfig videos on the sidebar, in addition to the existing links to flickr and technorati.
  • I called for people to review the new README (ETL,synfig,synfigstudio) files in SVN.
  • ChrisVP volunteered to come up with a new design for the website and maybe wiki, along with a bit of promotion :D
  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2007 is happening in Canada during May and we are looking for someone to represent synfig there and promote synfig to developers who might want to get involved. There is a similar meeting at FISL 8.0 in Brazil during April.
  • ChrisVP also found out about ArtLibreSet, a tango icon naming spec for graphics-related software. It would be a nice easy project for anyone who doesn't know C++ to convert synfigstudio to use standard tango names and ArtLibreSet icon names instead of custom ones. Basically, you would need to rename all the images and modify synfigstudio/src/gtkmm/iconcontroler.cpp and synfigstudio/images/ There is even a script called icon-naming-utils that can help with this process. This does need some theming work though. Check out his message on the synfig-devl list for more info. We also need the existing icons to be redone according to Tango guidelines.
  • sciboy discovered a QT application for traditional animation called Pencil (check related software on the wiki)
  • Bombe is looking at writing a new colour dialog
  • Google's Summer of Code is happening again, some people suggested we should participate. We need people to be administrators or mentors or have project ideas. The deadline is March 12th if we want to apply. Please look at and edit the GoogleSoC page
  • xerakko committed the start of some documentation to SVN, based on information available on the wiki. The module is synfig-docs, see the SVN page for how to check it out and the build instructions on the wiki for how to build.

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