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Synfig 0.61.06

Sunday, June 24, 2007 by pabs

We've finally managed to squeeze out a new release. This one is mainly focussed on bug fixes (thanks to dooglus mostly) and a few new features. There are also some pretty new icons in the GUI done by PXEGeek.

As usual, we need your help. If you know C++, are an artist, can document things or are willing to learn, please join the mailing lists and IRC channel and start helping out.

Be on the lookout for an announcement about an IRC & gobby meeting that will happen soon.

Read on for some of the changes that were made...

ETL 0.04.09 (SVN 530) - June 20, 2006 - Bug fixes

  • Fix amd64 issue
  • Some tests fixes
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Add better code for finding closest point to a bezier (#1672033)

synfig 0.61.06 (SVN 536) - June 20, 2007 - Bug fixes

  • Add fontconfig support
  • Fix amd64 issue
  • Fix ffmpeg, gif, libav targets
  • Include more target modules in the Win32 package
  • Fix some crashes in synfigstudio
  • Fix some render artifacts
  • Fix some doxygen warnings
  • Some MacOS fixes
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Fix random number generation for 64 bit CPUs (#1698604)
  • Add parameter 'fast' to curve gradients allowing choice between fast or accurate rendering (#1672033)
  • Add new odd/even winding style for regions

synfigstudio 0.61.06 (SVN 543) - June 20, 2007 - Bug fixes

  • Fix amd64 issues
  • Fix corruption of gamma settings
  • Fix manipulating layers in the layer dialog
  • Disable the timebar instead of hiding it
  • Fix File -> Close & input devices close button
  • Fix targets that crash in synfigstudio
  • Fix some doxygen warnings
  • Fixes in the sketch tool
  • Fixes in the draw tool
  • Fix several crashes
  • Fix bline looping
  • Misc Win32 fixes
  • Add optional GNOME thumbnailer
  • Rework several dialogs to use GNOME HIG
  • Disable several tools, see FAQ to re-enable
  • Disable the empty Palette Browser dialog
  • Add mousewheel support in canvas windows
  • Add tooltips to preview window & give it a default size
  • Display HTML values in the colour dialog
  • Add an icon for the curves dialog
  • New Tango ArtLibreSet styled icons by PXEGeek

synfig 0.61.06

  • Fix the synfigstudio's icon finding and SYNFIG_ROOT stuff - 1568925
  • Fix the touchpad/mouse/Input Devices issue; It's initially very off putting when you can't draw even a single circle - 1677510
  • Fix the uninstall in the Windows packages, and also make a single download available - 1673269
  • fix the synfig rendering targets that crash (gif, dv, ffmpeg, imagemagick).
    Bugs: 1346746 1480722 ...
  • create better builds for Windows.
  • fix miscompilation of synfig with g++ 4.1.x and g++ 4.2
    Bugs: 1509627 DEB375080
  • fix synfig OOM when rendering the synfigstudio images on non-intel platforms.
    Bugs: 1497893 DEB369646
  • fix synfigstudio so that the toolbox window is shown on the taskbar/panel when no image is open.
    Bugs: DEB366731

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