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dooglus wrote: The ability to delete whole trees of waypoints with a single click would be useful...

I've found a way to work around this task. Just create a dummy waypoint at other frame (it could be an existing waypoint). Select the dummy waypoint. Place the cursor at the frame where the waypoints (root and children) are going to be deleted, and right click and select "Duplicate". It would overwrite the dummy waypoint (and all its children) at the frame where the cursor is. Then juts drag the duplicated dummy waypoint over the original dummy waypoint to restore the animation. Genete 19:01, 10 Sep 2007 (EDT)

Nice trick. I've found that you can also just drag the dummy waypoint onto the waypoint you want to delete, and then drag it back to where it started. It reminds me of removing fluff from clothes using sticky tape - when you drag the dummy waypoint onto another waypoint, the other waypoint sticks to the dummy one, and when you drag it away, they both go away together. We're still left with the problem of how to delete the dummy waypoint of course.  :) dooglus 07:16, 12 Sep 2007 (EDT)