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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

You can help updating this page - see instructions here. Thank you!

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Regular challenges

Usually have no rules, other than have fun!

Splash screen challenges

Here are the rules:

  • must be done in Synfig only, no external images
  • must be able to be rendered with Synfig official release -no local code modified- (otherwise it won't work with the new release)
  • must have "Synfig X.XX.XX Splash Screen" as the name
  • must contain copyright and license info in the description
  • must include full source code, preferably all in one .sif
  • must be licensed under the GNU GPLv2 or later
    • Public Domain or CC0 is an acceptable alternative
  • must not depend on specific fonts
  • must be a still image since the code isn't yet ready for animations (ensure end time is set to 0s)
  • must be willing and able to make changes requested by the community
  • should probably include the Synfig logo, either by referencing logo.sif or recreating it in a different form
  • should probably include the words "Synfig Studio"
  • should probably include the version number
  • should probably be smallish, 300x400 is a reasonable size
  • should probably be relevant to the Synfig community, you may want to search through the IRC/list/wiki/etc archives and find a joke or recurring theme for inspiration
  • should probably be accompanied by website artwork or the artist should to providing website artwork soon after the release.

Generalised timeline:

  • challenge starts about 1 month before the challenge closes
  • challenge closes 1 week before the release
  • voting starts 1 week before the release

Past splash images

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