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Name and Contact Information

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone number Please provide your phone number, with country code. We will only call you if we cannot reach you through other means (e.g. if, at some point, you are in an area without Internet access.)
  • IRC nick and forum username

Project Idea

  • What project idea do you propose to implement?
  • What is your planned schedule for the project? Please list any tasks/milestones, and when you intend to complete them.


  • Have you used Synfig or other animation software? If so, for what kind of tasks?
  • Have you been involved with Synfig or any other open source projects? If so, please describe your contributions.
  • What past experience do you have with programming in C++?
  • Please describe any plans you have over the summer in addition to GSoC (vacation, classes, summer job, etc.)