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This page contains outdated information.

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Layer other duplicate icon.png

Despre Stratul Duplicat

Stratul 'Duplicat' realizeaza in timp real mai multe copii ale stratului care se afla sub acesta.

Stratul Duplicat functioneaza ca o bucla asupra continutului de sub el si este prevazut cu o variabila pentru acest continut. Aceasta variabila (Indexul exportat) poate fi folosita (Conectata) la acel continut.

Parametrii stratului Duplicat

Parametrii stratului Duplicat sunt (am pastrat numele in engleza):

Nume Valoare Tip
Type real icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Type real icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type integer icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type real icon.png Index Valuenode icon.png 3.000000 Duplicate

Parametrul Index

"Index"-ul este exportat automat. Este singura valoare de tip ValueNode care se schimba de la o copie la alta. Aceasta valoare exportata poate fi selectata in fereastra de dialog Children si conectata la parametrul/parametrii din stratul care se afla sub fereastra de dialog duplicat - care se vor schimba in copii.

Parametrul "Index" are 3 sub-parametri, "From", "To" si "Step". Valoarea parametrului exportat "Index" variaza de la valoarea inscrisa in "From" la valoarea "To" in pasi care au marimea inscrisa in "Step".

"From" poate fi ami mare sau mai mic decat "To". Nu conteaza daca "Step" este pozitiv sau negativ. Pasii se vor derula de la "From" catre "To".

Straturile duplicat sunt asezate in ordine, deci cele care corespund valorii "From" vor apare mai jos (adica mai putin vizibile in modul normal de amestec compozit - "composite blend") decat cele corespunzatoare valorii "To" (cele mai vizibile).

Probleme cunoscute

  • Stratul Duplicat nu ........ doesn't do anything about bounding boxes. Doing so could help to speed up rendering when the duplicated layers are outside the visible area. It's not clear how useful or possible this would be. To calculate its bounding box, the duplicate layer would need to loop through all values of Index to get the underlying bounding boxes and union them together. Maybe it's worth doing anyway.
  • Editing a Bline below a dup layer becomes very difficult while a recent edit is still being rendered, because the Bline ducks move around as the render runs (if the duplications are at different positions or scale). I tried using the same mutex around the Duplicate ValueNode's operator() method as is used in the Duplicate Layer's code, but it lead to a deadlock.

Recently Fixed Problems (please test)

  • Cloning a duplicate layer and having one above the other (rather than having them each inside a disjoint PasteCanvas) causes Synfig to hang, since the same ValueNode will be used for the Index parameter in each of them. [ fixed in r1277 ]
  • It shouldn't be possible to Disconnect the Index param in the duplicate layer, but it is. [ fixed in r1278 ]
  • It shouldn't be possible to Convert the Index param from Duplicate to any other type, but it is. [ fixed in r1279 ]
  • It shouldn't be possible to Disconnect a Duplicate ValueNode using the Children dialog, but it is. [ fixed in r1280 ]
  • It shouldn't be possible to Convert a Duplicate ValueNode to any other type using the Children dialog, but it is. [fixed in r1281 ]
  • It shouldn't be possible to Connect any ValueNode from the Children dialog to the Index param of a Duplicate layer, but it is. [ fixed in r1282 ]
  • Maybe it would be helpful to Auto-Export the Index parameter to give the user less work to do. It can always be renamed to something memorable later. [ added in r1283 ]
  • Automatic export of the Index parameter works for new layers, but not for cloned layers (copy/paste or right-click > duplicate). [ fixed in r1286 ]
  • The Add and Subtract ValueNodes won't allow the linking of the Duplicate layer's Index to their LHS and RHS if they are converted from a Time parameter. [ fixed in r1299 (for add) and r1330 (for subtract) ]
  • The layer doesn't seem to work well with PasteCanvas' parameters. Duplicating a PasteCanvas and linking the Index to its position or time offset doesn't have any effect. [ fixed in r1331 ]
  • Rendering the Duplicate layer modifies the Index parameter. Studio renders the Navigator dialog's thumbnail and the main canvas at the same time. These two renders can interfere with each other, since they don't use a mutex to protect the read/write of the Index parameter. [ fixed in r1358 ]

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English • română