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IRC logs


getting more developers involved


  • improving the website (perhaps drupal)
    • well designed website attracts talented developers
  • talk about synfig in public forums (planet debian, slashdot, blogs, Flash/Designer forums)
    • need a headline
    • need to put a good face forward
  • talk to the tango folks about creating some icons for us
  • some cool, short animation examples links at the webpage
  • better documentation, perhaps in docbook format



website is just a directory on the shell/web server, adding ppl to the project gives them permissions to edit files/etc

  • darco -> find out about and followup the hosting offer
  • xerakko -> try to find a web designer to do a professional work.
  • riggzy -> a "how to get involved" document
  • pabs -> link to the source files from the gallery
  • darco -> add some more source .sif files to svn
  • someone?? -> move gallery/screenshots pages into darcness


perhaps best to focus on developer blogs

  • pabs -> advogato
  • xerakko -> planet debian
  • someone?? -> research headlines for synfig-based movie release
"synfig foundation"

darco: You know what, the founding of something like "the Synfig Foundation" or something would likely be enough for a digg or slashdot, if positioned correctly
darco: To make that happen, we need the following: Legal advice, a board of directors/advisors, someone to write up the bylaws, etc
pabs3: researching what happened with blender and perhaps xaralx would help there I think darco
darco: I wouldn't mind throwing in a few grand to kick it off
darco: yeah
darco: I'll also research how the JSF was founded

tango/inkscape folks

  • pabs -> write to the inkscape & tango lists


  • darco -> list features not finished or not used at voria
  • someone?? -> patch source to disable them by default

adding new people

pabs proposes to add xerakko, Riggzy and AdrianW, darco wants to to have defined roles.

  • xerakko -> manual (docbook)
  • darco -> give xerakko svn access
  • pabs -> add xerakko, adrianw and riggzy access to


add g++ 4.1 problem

  • xerakko -> look at and apply Bombe's UI patch

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