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Synfig 0.61.01

Sunday, November 6, 2005 by darco

Here is the latest Synfig release.

ETL ChangeLog

  • Various GCC 4.0 fixes
  • make check should now work just fine

Synfig Core ChangeLog

  • src/synfig/savecanvas.cpp: added #include
  • src/synfig/value.cpp: Various GCC 4.0 fixes
  • src/modules/mod_bmp/trgt_bmp.cpp: The BMP target was broken. It's now fixed.
  • examples: Removed SFAutomaton font due to licensing issues.
  • All: Updated copyright notice to reflect new license

Synfig Core TODO

  • Re-write font system. (The “simple text” layer is a dirty,dirty hack)
  • Use pre-multiplied alpha to speed up compositing
  • Solidify plug in system to be more robust (Auto-detect and load?)
  • Solidify and codify XML file format into XML schema
  • Make layer and value-node parameters handled in the same way. (currently different)
  • Move to a garbage-collected system rather than reference counted
  • Integrate a scripting language (Possibly better suited for libsynfigapp?)
  • Finish and migrate to a new surface layer class
    • Arbitrary color/alpha channels
    • Surface locking/unlocking
    • Copy-on-write
  • Make the “Value” class extendable by plug-ins
  • Add paremeter mechanism to render target class to allow user to control things like:
    • Color depth
    • Codec
    • etc.
  • Review/rewrite error-handling and reporting mechanism
  • Migrate public API to be more language agnostic in nature
  • Network-distributed rendering
  • Solid multi-threaded rendering

Wanted Plug-Ins

  • mod_svg: SVG Import/Export
  • mod_quicktime: Support for importing/rendering-to quicktime movies (MacOS X and Windows Only)
  • mod_imageio: Support for Apple's ImageIO framework (MacOS X Only)
  • mod_tiff: Using libtiff
  • mod_wmv: Support for Windows Media for importing/rendering-to wmv/avi movies (Windows only)

Synfig Studio ChangeLog

  • src/gtkmm/render.cpp: Fixed default render file to use the directory seperator for the given OS, rather than just use forward slashes all the time.

Synfig Studio TODO

  • Re-implement draw tool
  • Re-implement WorkArea class to use OpenGL
  • Migrate toward extensible plug-in architecture
  • Migrate toward scripted architecture
  • Ability for “Auto Recover” feature to recover edit history
  • Ability to edit curves in the curves tab.
  • Subversion integration
  • Integrated error console tab
  • Clean up crazy confusing console output

Wishful Thinking

  • Visual conflict resolution for version control merging conflicts

Long Term

  • Make majority of user-interface components controlled by scripts

Where are the binaries?

Um... They aren't ready yet. My windows box is at home and I'm back in Seattle finishing up the loose ends of my move. Be glad you got anything.

Expect a Win32 build and a MacOS X build (using X11) sometime this week.

If anyone could make some binary linux packages for the various distributions, let me know about it and I'll post some links. I have very little desire to make linux binary packages myself.

Where is the animation tutorial?

In my head. I'll try to get it out over the next week or so. In the mean time, try playing around with the compositions in the example directory.

Fun trick: Open up about_dialog.sif and logo.sif at the same time. Now click on the logo in logo.sif, and goto the parameter tab, and turn off “children lock”. Click again on one of the lines of the logo—it should select. Now muck with it. Change it. Move some ducks around. Watch about_dialog.sif! Notice how whenever you change logo.sif, the logo in the other composition updates as well. Neato, eh? :)

Common man, I want to animate!

OK fine, here is a hint to get you started mucking with animation. Each composition has a begin time and an end time. By default, they are set to the same thing—meaning that it is just a still image and not an animation. When you are editing a still image, all of the necessary animation mechanisms are hidden, so you must set an end time before you can start animating! You can do this from the properties dialog.

More to come...

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