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What are you talking about?

Every month the Synfig community organizes a fun challenge where people can show their talent, skills and humor using their favorite design tool: Synfig.

All this great action takes place in the Synfig Forums. You can also participate and show all of us how good you are. There are some rules for participation that you should follow.

Current challenge

This month, pixelgeek has challenged us:

... What happened here/what happens next? ...

Read the complete forum thread...

Previous Challenges

Synfig examples repository.png After the end of each challenge, a lot of useful and interesting resources are available. You can find all the stuff produced in previous challenge sessions. Click on the links to visit the past challenge, or browse the examples repository where most of the recent challenges entries can be found:


  • September 2010 Challenge: What happened here? [1]
  • August 2010 Challenge: Tracing a photo [2]
  • July 2010 Challenge: A Kaleidoscope [3]
  • June 2010 Challenge: four leg walk cycle... [4]
  • May 2010 Challenge: Fire! [5]
  • March 2010 Challenge: New Splash challenge for Synfig 0.62.01 !! [6]
  • February 2010 Challenge: A flapping flag [7]



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