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Tools Tool smooth move.png ALT-V

The smooth move tool works much like to Normal Tool except for when multiple ducks are selected. To see this, select multiple ducks, by either:

  • pressing Control-A to select all ducks
  • dragging a rectangle around a group of ducks
  • holding the Control key while clicking ducks to toggle their selected status

Then drag one of the selected ducks and all the nearby ducks will move with it. What counts as a 'nearby duck'? That depends on the value of the 'radius' in the tool's options.

If all selected ducks are moving when you drag one duck, try reducing the 'radius' setting. I find that a value between 1 and 3 works well.

When dragging a duck, the nearby ducks move differing amounts, depending on how close they are to the duck you're dragging. This gives a localised 'scale' effect.

Languages Language: 

English • Deutsch • français