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About Stars

An Star Layer is a geometric object that is made by the filled region of the result of connect the points of two concentric circles with straight lines. The number of points on which the circles are divided defines the number of peaks of the star. The points over the circles are spread regularly over both circlesbut one of them have the points rotated N/360/2 degrees from the other circle (being N the number of peaks or points).


Specific Star Layer Parameters

The parameters of the star layers are the same than the majority of the shapes like objects but it have its specific parameters for its own properties.

The parameters of the Star Layers are:


Outer Radius

Define the circle where the peaks of the star lays.

Inner Radius

Define the circle where the valleys of the star lays.


Is the rotation angle for the first peak of the star. Its defauld value is 90 degrees.


Define the number of division done in the circles and therefore the number of points and peaks that define the star.


Outer radius shouldn't be greater than inner radius. It only changes the star orientation. Also you can link both radius to create a 2*N sides regular polygon where N is the number of points.

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