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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

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Released October 21 2008


  • Improved the derivative class for hermites (Spline curves).


  • Don't let feather be negative for any Shape layers or Circle layers.
  • Fix handling of segments so that the examples/walk/walk.sifz file will load correctly.
  • Use 0 for the index if the closest point is on the segment which closes the loop. This keeps the final 'amount' value in the range 0..1.
  • Fix a bug in the plant layer: when the plant is so small that we can't calculate the perpendicular to its bline, skip trying to branch it.
  • Improve a warning message when we find an unknown layer parameter.
  • Rename all 'pos' and 'offset' parameters to 'origin'.
  • Add parameter 'add_width' to the plant layer. It's on by default, and means to scale the velocity of a plant's shoot by the width of the bline at that point.
  • Now circles with large feather and zero radius are visible. Only shortcut zero-radius circles if they're not inverted and have no feathering. 2120629
  • Leave previously selected layers selected when creating a new one. Environment variable SYNFIG_TOOLS_CLEAR_SELECTION toggles this option.
  • Add "select all layers" (S-C-a) and "unselect all ducks" (C-d). Move "unselect all layers" onto S-C-d.
  • When multiple layers are selected, only show parameters which are present in all selected layers *with the same type*.

Value Nodes

  • Add new types:
  • Add "Loop" link to the "Gradient Color" ValueNode.


  • Unless OpenEXR half mode is used, don't ask synfigstudio to depend on it.
  • Fix build problem with newer versions of libavformat due to the pb member of AVFormatContext changing from a structure to a pointer. 11877061
  • For mod_libav, allow the use of libswscale instead of the depreciated img_convert function 2036627, 487639
  • Fix the libjpeg configure test to look for the right function.
  • Windows builds now include OpenEXR version 1.6.
  • Configure now uses pkg-config to find libswscale. 2108984
  • Cope with some changes in the locations of the libavformat and libswscale headers.
  • Add a configure flag to switch on/off jpeg support. Patch 5

Blend Methods

  • Fix this bug: when a layer was composed 'straight onto' a context with which its bounding box had no overlap, the context was being displayed as if the 'straight onto' layer wasn't there. 1960543


  • To allow backward compatibility, canvas version has been set to 0.6.


  • In the 'open > recent files' menu entry, only show files which still exist. Previously, it was saving documents into /tmp. After rebooting /tmp had been emptied, but the files were still showing up in the menu.
  • Modified the Help menu due to the Communication page on the website being renamed to Contact.
  • Fix error when trying to change value of Filename property. 1988939


  • Added a new tab in the Setup Dialog to allow user set the preferences for: X and Y sizes for new documents, the new Document filename prefix and a selector for predefined resolutions.


Added new feature Link to Bline: allow the user link vertexes, tangents and widths to a parametrized position of a bline. Also inverse manipulation is allowed. This makes easier to build complex figures without need to have a vertex on the joining point.


  • TENSION and TEMPORAL TENSION were the same; use the 'temporal' version everywhere.
  • Don't render waypoints that lie outside the bounds of the timetrack's adjustment. 1888863
  • Don't offer 'Manual' as an interpolation type. It's not clear what it is supposed to do, and looks like the code to implement it was never written. Attempting to use it causes uninitialized memory to be read.


  • Fix bad time entry when format is set to FFf. Patch 4
  • Show time 3.0 as "3s" in the default (FORMAT_NORMAL) time display mode, rather than sometimes showing "3s 0f".


Console Window

  • Make the file selector dialogs print less output to the console.
  • Show the 'fifo_activity' message less.
  • Show commands as they are received over the FIFO.
  • Don't show debugging messages about saving preference directories.

Toolbox Window

  • Add new icon for the reset colors button and change the code to use it.

The size of the foreground color and background color picker has been modified to allow the display of the reverse FG and BG colours and set FG and BG colors buttons properly in all GTK themes. Patch 2

Workarea Window

  • Fix zoom fit so it really does zoom the canvas to fit the window. 1901244
  • Show a 'zoom to fit' icon in the zoomdial as well as a 'zoom 100%' icon.
  • Fix "zoom to fit" so that it centers the fitted canvas on the screen, and always zooms back to the previous zoom level and position if clicked a second time.

Canvas Properties Dialog

  • When calculating the start and end frames, round to the nearest integer rather than always rounding down.
  • Editing the name, description, or id of a canvas should mark the canvas as needing to be saved, and should also be undoable. 1924592

Color Editor Dialog

  • Allow clicking or scrolling on color sliders to change the color.

Gradient Editor Dialog

  • Properly manage the situation when all CPoints of a gradient are removed. 2096641

Time Track Panel

  • Update the timeline scrollbars' major step size when zooming time in and out. 1914874
  • Allow scrolling left and right in time widgets.
  • Fix a bug that was causing the time slider to not be displayed in certain circumstances.

Curves Panel

  • Don't show an incorrect error message when selecting a filename or canvas parameter. The error message was due these types not being representable in the Curves panel, but this isn't an error. 2060732

Splash Screen

  • Use a new image by Yaco & Genete


  • Text, Plant, Polyline and Star have new icons.
  • Circle tool allows now make Blined circles too. Regions, Outlines, Gradients and Plants are included.
  • Rectangle tool now does the same.
  • New Text tool has been added to the ToolBox.
  • New Star Tool has been added to the tool palette. It allows now make blined stars too. Regions, Outlines, Gradients and Plants are included.
  • Now eyedropper works correctly with straight blends for following layers types: Region, Outline, Star, Polygon and Circle. Fix other layers is pending. 2119764
  • The "Link Offsets" option in the BLine tool now only links offsets if we're creating more than one layer at a time.
  • Added options to the circle tool for creation of bline approximations to circles. Number of points and points angle offset.
  • Use the 'feather' and 'invert' tool options when creating outline or region layers in the circle tool.
  • Remove the "blend method" option from the tool options panel for the circle and gradient tools (unless the BLEND_METHOD_IN_TOOL_OPTIONS #define in toolbox.h is uncommented).
  • Add 'inner tangent', 'outer tangent' and 'radius ratio' options to the star tool for creating rounded stars and different ratios stars.
  • Show the name of the current tool in the tool options panel if it has any options. For the zoom tool, show the message that it doesn't have any options, instead of just showing a blank panel.
  • Replace "Gradient" check button with "Create Gradient BLine", etc., like in the other tools.
  • Using the Circle tool over an existing duck now doesn't crash. 1959064
  • Width Tool is enabled now by default. And pretty usable.


  • Fixed infinite error message loop on split tangents. 1947076


  • Improve Segment Tangent and Bline Tangent calculations. Now they give more accurate results.
  • If only one of -w and -h is specified on the command line, calculate the other in order to keep the aspect ratio fixed.
  • Check for Gtk::AboutDialog::set_wrap_license, which was added in Gtkmm 2.8. Allows synfigstudio to build on the fink distribution.
  • Update as suggested by autoupdate.
  • Improved GUI for the sound file selection dialog. 1932525
  • Alt-D = draw, Alt-W = width. Previously there were 2 different definitions for Alt-T.
  • More strings has been extracted to be marked as translatable. Spanish, French and Catalan translations Updated.
  • Add multiple sizes and a scalable version of synfig_icon installed in icon directories. 2109095

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