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* '''{{l|Developer Documentation}}'''
* '''{{l|Developer Documentation}}'''
* '''{{l|Writer Documentation}}'''
* '''{{l|Writer Documentation}}'''
== Project: restructure and update the documentations ==
'''to all readers'''

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Welcome to the Synfig wiki. This wiki is the main documentation for the Synfig Animation Studio, a 2D animation and design program. The wiki documentation is divided in three main sections: Documentación de Usuario (for the users of the animation program), Documentación del Progamador (for the people developing the code of the program) and Documentación del Redactor (for the people that wish to maintain the this wiki up to date).

Below is a list of all the items for each category of documentation.

  • Documentación de Usuario
    • Manual. The Manual is a step by step walkthrough of the main aspects of Synfig Studio and the workflow to do animations with it.
    • Tutorials. Each tutorial is an independent guide that ilustrates how to proceed to achieve a particular task.
    • Reference. This is an exhaustive list of all the individual aspects of Synfig application (GUI and command line). Use it when need details on a particular aspect of the program.
    • Glossary. Some parts of the documentation has Synfig specific naming or concepts. Research them here.
  • Documentación del Progamador
  • Documentación del Redactor

Project: restructure and update the documentations

to all readers