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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

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  • We finally signed up for the 2008 Google SoC! Unfortunately we weren't accepted for the 2008 Google SoC. If you would like to take on one of the ideas, please contact us.
  • pabs finally migrated the forums to phpBB3
  • The general forum and the synfig help forum were opened up for guest posts.
  • Darco has set up a Debian VPS for us to migrate to and we have migrated the site/forums to it.
  • Synfigstudio have some new icons (Text, Plant, Polyline and Star). By genete.
  • New Linking to Blines feature has seen the light!. You can link a vertex, its tangent and its width to any position of a BLine, even you can manipulate its offset values using its linked ducks!. By Yoyobuae and dooglus
  • We are trialling git as a version control system for our source code
  • Circle tool allows now make Blined circles too. Regions, Outlines, Gradients and Plants are included. Rectangle tool now does the same.
  • Yaco (GNU Project hacker) has offered his help to improve Synfig icons to meet Tango guidelines and to create a new skin to this wiki.
  • New Text Tool has been added to the tool palette. By dooglus
  • New Star Tool has been added to the tool palette. It allows now make blined stars too. Regions, Outlines, Gradients and Plants are included. By dooglus
  • Yaco has designed a Hotkey visual guide. Available in pdf, png and svg formats.
  • bmud added a Synfig project to Hackontest. If you're a coder, you might want in on this. It's a 24 hour contest and the grand prize is a lot of money.
  • AkhIL is working in a new layer type: Chroma layer.
  • akagogo is working in a new svg2sif converter. It is written in C in this case.
  • There have been so few participants in the May challenge. Participate and you'll improve your skills!.
  • We're planning to have a meeting to discuss the RoadMap. Join us!

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