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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

You can help updating this page - see instructions here. Thank you!

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  • Zelgadis is still working on Russian translation of the wiki (started in November 2007).
  • 6630 is working on a Turkish translation of the website.
  • Genete created a particles tutorial.
  • htodd completed synfigstudio packages for fink
  • rore's French translation of synfigstudio was added to SVN
  • genete's Spanish translation of synfigstudio was added to SVN
  • Pxegeek posted a draft of the demo reel
  • dooglus improved the information given of the history dialog
  • dooglus fixed lots of warnings and errors for the use of new g++ version 4.3.
  • Straight and Straight onto render bugs fixed, as well as other bugs.
  • Alpha brighten and Alpha darken blend methods are now available.
  • Pxegeek did some improvements on the Autotrace patch to convert a bitmap to sif format.
  • Several wiki pages has been moved from "Dialog" to "Panel" consistently with the real meaning of Synfigstudio's panels.
  • genete sent a patch to allow reading papagayo's voice lip-sync files.
  • Dmd created a SVG to synfig format converter using XSLT.
  • AkhiL created a Gimp to Synfig converter (multilayer support).
  • February's Challenge has been posted: New Synfig Splash Screen!.
  • A Video Tutorial wiki page has been created.
  • A Converters wiki page has been created.
  • mwiriadi is working on getting synfig into Fedora 9
  • Jcome started a simplified Chinese translation of the wiki
  • rore won the February Challenge!
  • We released version 0.61.08!. This is a summary of the improvements of this release:
    • AkhiL sent a patch for Low-resolution render.
    • Added menu entries and shortcuts to increase and decrease the pixel size
    • Proper about dialog based on Gtk::AboutDialog implemented
    • dooglus fixed several bugs: 1868911, 1797745, 1891359, 1891391, 1891491, 1894723, 1894998, 1895440, 1896557, 1896834 and much much more.
    • Rearranged the Toolbox window.
    • Console output is more quiet now.
    • Now recognise GIF and gif files extensions.
    • Allow the bline tool to draw plants as well as outlines, regions, and curvegradients.
    • Improved the waypoint context menu.
    • Now magick++ module has prevalence over imagemagick module.
    • Allow manual edition of the current time in the workarea.
    • Improve the range of different scales used on the timeslider. Also set maximunm and minimum zoom levels for timescroller. Even improved the behavior of the horizontal scrolling.
    • Improved open file command and open with the OS command.
    • Auto-backup interval is now user selectable.
    • Now is possible save files in older formats (0.61.07 and 0.61.06)
    • Restrict 'radius' ducks to the top right corner of the plane. Thanks to Zelgadis's suggestion. That behavior could be enabled in program settings.
    • Give slight priority to radius ducks.
    • Allow accents in layer category name translations.
    • Now default is not render the current frame.
    • Synfig command line improved.
    • Have neither Control-A nor dragging a box around ducks select non-editable ducks, and have clicking individual ducks select them (with or without Control being held). Patch from Gerald Young (Yoyobuae).
    • Leave previously selected layers selected when drawing new lines - their ducks are useful for attaching new lines onto.
    • Allow booleans to be converted to random
    • New Value types Step and Bline Width.
    • Now Plant Layer shows his width ducks.
    • Added encapsulate and select all child layers buttons to the layer panel.
    • New icons for encapsulate and select all layers buttons. Thanks to genete.
    • Get the waypoints in the Children panel's timetrack to respond to mouse events.
    • Added help icon and some menu entries for Wiki links.
    • Save all now works.
    • Allow outlines, plants, etc. to be directly editable as soon as they're created from the 'new layer' menu.
    • Reordered Miscellaneus setiings.
    • Use etl::mutexes to lock access to reference counts.
    • RGBA color spinbuttons made wider and added a decimal.
    • Patch from Gerald Young (Yoyobuae) to save and restore the state (with canvases are open, and their position and size) for each of the recent files.
    • Patch from Gerald Young (Yoyobuae) to fix building on Win32 after the mutex changes.
    • Add an extra 'symmetrical' parameter to the 'time loop' layer to better be able to convert the 0.1 version of the layer.
  • New convert types added: Vector X, Vector Y, Vector Angle, Vector Length, Gradient Color and Dot Product.
  • xerakko added a Catalan translation
  • March is MONSTER month on the synfig challenges forum!
  • Piecia started a Polish translation of the wiki.
  • Zelgadis, dooglus and Yoyobuae are working on a new feature: Linking to Blines
  • pabs has updated the forum engine and is available for testing.

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