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Here is a list of some of the keyboard shortcuts you currently have at your disposal. These are the defaults. There is a way to customize these, but it is currently not intuitive. Basically you need to edit the accelrc file in your synfig settings directory (don't forget to remove the ";" at the start of a line if you want it to be taken into account). The file refers to the glyph names of each key, these can be found here: [1] (more information here: [2])

 Synfig settings directory :
 Ubuntu GNU/Linux: /home/{username}/.synfig/
 Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Synfig\
 Windows Vista: C:\Users\{username}\Synfig\
 Mac Os: ????
Keystroke Description
ControlA Select all Handles
⇧ ShiftControlA Select all Layers
ControlC Copy currently selected layer(s) and put them in the clipboard
ControlD Deselect all Handles
⇧ ShiftControlD Deselect all layers
ControlG Toggle grid show
ControlI Import file (synfig project, image, image sequence, sound, video)
ControlL Toggle grid snap
ControlN New composition
ControlO Open composition
AltO Toggle Onion Skin
ControlP Play the current animation in the WorkArea
ControlQ Quit Synfig Studio
ControlR Redo
ControlS Save
ControlV Paste the layer(s) from the clipboard above the currently selected layer
ControlW Closes the current animation document.
ControlX Cut currently selected layer(s) and put them in the clipboard
ControlZ Undo
Control` Toggle low/high-resolution (defaults to low resolution)
Control0...9 Change the current rendering quality (lower is better, but 0==10)
Alt1 Toggle display of "Position" Handles
Alt2 Toggle display of "Vertex" Handles
Alt3 Toggle display of "Tangent" Handles
Alt4 Toggle display of "Radius" Handles
Alt5 Toggle display of "Width" Handles (DEFAULTS TO OFF)
Alt6 Toggle display of "Angle" Handles
Control- Zoom out of Canvas (spacial zoom)
Control= Zoom in on Canvas (spacial zoom)
Control⇧ ShiftZ Zoom canvas to 100% (spacial zoom)
Control_ Zoom out of timeline (temporal zoom)
Control+ Zoom in on timeline (temporal zoom)
Control, Move backward one frame
Control. Move forward one frame
Control< Move backward one second
Control> Move forward one second
Control[ Move backward to previous Keyframe
Control] Move forward to next Keyframe
↖ Home Jump to beginning of timeline
⇥ End Jump to end of timeline
Control( Decrease workarea pixel size
Control) Increase workarea pixel size
ControlAlt( Decrease Amount of selected layer
ControlAlt) Increase Amount of selected layer
⇧ ShiftPageUp Raise currently selected layers
⇧ ShiftPgdn Lower currently selected layers
AltA Select Transform Tool
AltV Select Smooth Move Tool
AltS Select Scale Tool
AltT Select Rotate Tool
AltM Select Mirror Tool
AltC Select Circle Tool
AltR Select Rectangle Tool
AltQ Select Star Tool
AltG Select Gradient Tool
AltP Select Polygon Tool
AltB Select Spline Tool
AltX Select Text Tool
AltF Select Fill Tool
AltE Select Eyedrop Tool
AltZ Select Zoom Tool
AltD Select Draw Tool
AltK Select Sketch Tool
AltW Select Width Tool
F8 Canvas Properties
F9 Render
F11 Preview
F12 Canvas Options (Grid size, etc.)
Escape Deselect the last Tool and select Transform Tool, if you don't have done something with it the focus will stay in Toolbox. CAREFUL, with Polygon Tool and Spline Tool in use, Cancel the current process, and so the current draw, but stay with the selected tool.
ControlDelete Deletes the currently selected Canvas.
Cursor key Nudge the currently selected Handle(s) one pixel in the given direction
⇧ ShiftCursor key Nudge the currently selected Handle(s) ten pixels in the given direction
← Backspace Select the immediate parent Group Layer (if any) of the current selected layer.

Fixed Shortcuts

  • In the Timebar, when you drag and drop a Keyframe, by holding Alt key when releasing the mouse button will adjust the length (not the time).
  • In the Graphs Panel, Ctrl + mouse wheel : Change zoom factor

Hotkeys Visual Guide


  need to be revised a little ;-)

A good way to learn all this shortcuts is putting them in front of your eyes all the time. Because of that, we bring to you a beautiful "Hotkeys Visual Guide" that you can use as a poster.

We offer you two print sizes (both in PDF):

And these are the source files in SVG format:


Learn online the synfig's shortcuts with the Askey interactive app'

Askey is a virtual keyboard hosted on github-pages, created to list the shortcut keys of open source graphic programs by Anderson Prado (AndeOn).

  Give us your feedback and comments.

Languages Language: 

English • español • română